Of all media the film is the one with the greatest impact. This is why it is perfect for corporate communication. Screened on a fair, in Social Media, speaking with a customer or on your own website:

Films are attractive and convincing.

Whether you want to communicate externally or internally: with a film you will get more attention and be sure that your message will stick. Audiovisually presented information is indeed assimilated much quicker and remembered longer. Films motivate the viewer to become active.

A corporate film can take many different forms: image film, advertising spot, product film, etc. In our section “Products” you can have on overlook of the different categories and watch numerous samples.

A good film:

  • Presents complex content in a clear and comprehensible way
  • Is informative, entertaining and touching
  • Conveys a message that sticks!

The films created by Paperplane Productions are not only good; they are truly custom-made, in order to fully respond to your needs and expectations.