Our permanent team of four combines the passion for films and the curiosity to try out new paths. We continuously look out for the newest technical developments, innovative ways of narration and effective forms of communication.

Each time we work together with a new customer this gives us the impulse, the insight and the ideas to refine the audio-visual communication and to adapt them to the respective needs. Our work is custom oriented and focuses both on the message to convey and the public to be targeted.



As producer, director and founder of the company David Mollers is responsible for every aspect of the production. David was trained in Brussels where he studied direction and editing. He later worked as a free cutter for the Belgian public television (RTBF, Arte Belgium, TV5Monde).



As producer, director and author Adrian Küchenberg controls each step of the production. He studied philosophy and European politics in Brussels and Berlin. He later produced for over ten years films for the Belgian public television (BRF, RTBF, Arte Belgium). He was trained as a Fiction Producer in London, Cologne and Berlin.


Sound-Designer - Co-Founder

Peter Baumgarten, a co-founder, is responsible for the sound-design. He plays different instruments and composes the music for the films of Paperplane Productions. Peter was trained in Brussels in sound technology and editing. Among others he also worked the RTBF and for the private channel RTL.



Daniel is the DOP of Paperplane Productions. Called a young talent during his studies, he was trained as DOP and as film-director in Brussels. He loves his camera and always looks out for the newest technology.